Productivity isn’t just about how we manage our time. We need to manage our mental focus, our energy levels, control our emotions and recharge efficiently. We take the science of high performance and show you how you can use it to be more effective. Everyday.






We’ve worked with some of the best athletes and high performers in the world. Our experience, coupled with performance science tells us that in order to do our best work, day-in day-out, without burning out physically, emotionally or mentally, requires us to take a holistic approach to performance and productivity.

We need to be able to master these four key skills



We need to make sure we are paying attention to the right things, while shutting out distractions. We also need to build our capacity for self-accountability and sustained mental focus.





Our performance fuel is glucose and oxygen. If we don’t have enough, we can’t perform at our best for long. Our diet and aerobic fitness provide the energy to maintain attention, think more effectively and control emotions and behaviours.




No one can perform under extreme levels of stress. We need to control two types: acute, short-term stress, which comes from emotion; and chronic stress that leads to burnout. If we can master these, we can perform more often over a longer period.




We can’t just keep expending energy. We need periods where we replenish our energy, restore stress chemicals to baseline levels, and create moments of quiet to get breakthrough ideas. Recharge skills are based around maximising short periods of recovery throughout the day, and getting the right kind of sleep.


More importantly, we have to know how to use what we discover about these four principles to re-structure our day and make us more productive.

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