$6000 dollars of Value. $39 per month.


What our members are saying:

"Just wanted to pass on my thanks to you all, especially Tony Wilsonfor this past month. Being a part of this group has been really, really special and I have learnt a great deal from you all. This has been truly inspirational and beneficial"



Why are we doing it?

It's simple. Our mission is to affect the performance of as many people as possible.
If we make coaching inaccessible and unaffordable, we can't make this happen. This program used to be $400 plus per month, and people were signing up. But we want to build a strong community and team for the future. We want to change the way we interact. We want to touch more people.




We are taking our programs that usually cost between $500-$1000 an hour, and offering even more value to our members for just $39 a month. Instead of the regular once-a-month meeting, you get access to Tony Wilson and other experts as and when you need them. Imagine having access and support in real time, 24/7 to ask whatever you need to help you perform at your best or to help you lead others to do their best work as well.

No one else is doing this much to help people perform. No one else is offering this sort of program, with this value, and making it this accessible.

WELCOME TO THE LOCKER ROOM - a new way of coaching

With our online coaching group - the High Performance Locker Room - you get access to experts, their content and resources whenever you need it. Got a question? Need a solution to a performance problem? Ask right now. No question is too simple or difficult and becuase you are a member of a dedicated performance community, you will get different perspectives. There is a designated 'Chat Day' for sensitive questions that you don't want the group to see.









Learn from your desk! We run monthly webinars where you will learn more in 30-60 minutes than you thought possible. We give you strategies that you can use right now to perform and lead for high performance. You will also have access to our knowledge base, where you can find as much information as you need about managing yourself and others. On top of all of this, you will get exclusive content that will help you boost performance dramatically.








Our ultimate aim is to build a high performance community. With like-minded people who want to reach their full potential, and want to learn how to help others succeed as well. Once we build up the team, we want to use our contacts in the industry to access special products and services that add even more value to the way we operate on a daily basis.













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