We’ve put together the critical elements of the Four Triggers program that focus on how to build truly high performing teams. We work with teams to build their performance culture and with leaders to build their team management capability.





We get people on the same page


Who uses this program?

  • Teams that want to create a culture of high performance
  • Leaders that want to understand how to build truly high performing teams


We help teams build clarity around these key elements:

Common Objectives

The hallmark of high performance teams are common goals. As simple as this sounds, it is rare to find a team that has goals that inspire people to do their best work. We help build objectives that the whole team can buy in to.

You will leave the workshop with a set of guiding outcomes that motivate your people and focus their activity.

We can cover Vision, Goals, KPI’s or Strategic Imperatives.


Common Working Approach

This is most overlooked in building teams. We focus on the expected behaviours of the team, answering questions like: ‘How do we want to engage each other? What about clients and other stakeholders?’ ‘What culture do we want to create and what would we like our team ‘brand’ to be?’

All these outcomes are reflected by the behaviours in which the team chooses to engage. We help teams define these key elements and create a united approach to upholding behaviours and standards.


Team Capabilities

Open and honest communication, real collaboration, accountability and constant improvement. Only by building these capabilities within the team can we truly find the best solutions to problems and get real buy-in, commitment and understanding of what the team is trying to achieve.

We take a no nonsense approach to building these capabilities within the team. These capabilities reduce politics, procrastination and increase problems solving and team efficiency.



We help teams and leaders to align their systems and environment to the common goals and behaviours. We assess systems and practices, skills gaps and reward systems to make sure there are no roadblocks to achieving the goals.


For Teams - we work with the teams and their leaders to create high performance culture

For Leaders - we run workshops to build team-building capability



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