You won’t find this program anywhere else. We explain the science behind high performance and how leaders can use it to influence behaviours and consistently get better results from their people.







We help people do their best work

The Performance Triggers program puts some hard science behind the soft skills that you want your leaders to engage in. They are broad enough to fit with your corporate values and for leaders to put their own individual style into.


Who uses this program?

  • Groups of leaders that want to better understand how to build the environment for high performance
  • Organisations that want to add some specific leadership skills to their current leadership development program


This program will make your leaders re-think the way that they manage their people and they will leave the program with specific action plans that they can implement right away.

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A sense of control has an enormous effect on stress  and perceived workload. It helps switch on the most effective brain regions and creates the right performance state for our best work. Leaders need to create the right feeling of control if they want people to think and perform at their best.




When relationships don’t work, we tend to revert to survival behaviours and operate in ‘threat mode’. We do our best work when we feel like we are contributing to something bigger and that we belong to a great team – effort increases, while perception of effort decreases.




When our regular patterns are interrupted it causes an error signal, forcing us to bypass logic and act emotionally. We need Consistency primarily in ExpectationsFairness and Certainty. If we manage these things effectively, our people can perform at their peak rather than responding to emotion.




Perceived status is a fundamental driver of human performance. It explains winning streaks, confidence and momentum. With positive status, we think more clearly, act more effectively and build more confidence. Status is influenced by many things above and beyond role titles and pay grades, including a sense of achievement, progress and value



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