Our current notions of leadership and building teams are at odds with what the science tells us is most effective. The Three TierLeadership Program bridges that gap. Broken into three distinct levels, it presents opportunities for all levels of leadership. Even if they don't have ambitions of getting to the top.

Whether you focus on emerging leaders or senior executives there is something in this program to suit.

You can take this programs ‘as is’ or customise it to suit your time and budget constraints.



Who uses this program?

  • Organisations who want a graduated leadership development program that targets all levels of staff




Tier One [Emerge]: Leadership Discovery and Self-Awareness

Fact: Greater self-awareness leads to better understanding of others

Aimed at emerging leaders or those who need general leadership skills to engage with people on a day-to-day basis, Tier One develops self-awareness around strengths and weaknesses, communication preferences and personality styles.

Participants will leave the Emerge program with an understanding of how they work effectively in a team, how they influence others, how to manage up and what is most important to them about leadership.



Tier Two [Engage]: People Management and Building High Performance Teams

Fact: In the 21st Century, we need a different approach to managing people and building and motivating teams


Creating real clarity for teams around objectives, behaviours and attitudes are key components of the Engage program, and leaders will leave this stage with an understanding of how to build an environment that creates ownership and commitment from all staff and focus activity so that their teams are most productive.

Leaders will understand their specific leadership styles and they will focus on coaching different personalities and engaging people to do their best work.




Tier 3 [Inspire]: Enduring Motivation and High Performance Culture

Fact: Only 20% of people are fully engaged at work; a further 20% are ‘toxically disengaged’.


Transitioning from management to leadership, your people will learn about building vision and strategy that engages people and focuses action. They will learn about managing leadership teams, creating and environment of high performance and building the culture that is needed for high perfoamnce for botht their team and the organization.


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