We don’t rely on mere anecdotes and observation. You won’t find another performance and productivity program is backed with this much performance science. Your people won’t just leave feeling motivated; they will embed the behaviours, because they understand how and why it works.




Performance, Rewired

Who uses this program?

  • Staff who want to boost their performance and productivity
  • Organisations that want their staff to build high performance skills and work at their best, for longer without burning out.


In today’s workplace, there is more time pressure than ever, and greater expectations on us to perform at our best. Most of us are facing this equation: Increased Demands, Decreased Time and Decreased Control. And this is causing more and more people to under-perform and burn out.  How do we change the way we work so that we can perform at our best, more often and for longer?

In our work with athletes, we learned that they had to make the most of eachday’s effort to be most successful over the long term. But in order to do this without burning out, they had to learn some critical performance skills. It’s the same in today’s workplace.

Our performance and productivity depends on our ability to master four things.




We need to make sure we are paying attention to the right things, while shutting out distractions. We also need to build our capacity for self-accountability and sustained mental focus.





Our performance fuel is glucose and oxygen. If we don’t have enough, we can’t perform at our best for long. Our diet and aerobic fitness provide the energy to maintain attention, think more effectively and control emotions and behaviours.




No one can perform under extreme levels of stress. We need to control two types: acute, short-term stress, which comes from emotion; and chronic stress that leads to burnout. If we can master these, we can perform more often over a longer period.




We can’t just keep expending energy. We need periods where we replenish our energy, restore stress chemicals to baseline levels, and create moments of quiet to get breakthrough ideas. Recharge skills are based around maximising short periods of recovery throughout the day, and getting the right kind of sleep.



This ten-module program will give your people all the skills they need to thrive in today’s workplace. Take the program as is or customize it to suit your strategic objectives.



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